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Words for Snow & Ice

aquabobs, clinkerbells, dagglets…

All the following words come from Robert MacFarlane’s Landmarks:

aquabob – icicle

billow – snowdrift

bleb – bubble of air in ice

clinkerbell – icicle

dagglet – icicle

feetings – footprints of creatures as they appear in the snow

feevl – snow falling in large flakes

fleeches – large snowflakes

flukra – snow falling in large, scale-like flakes

ickle – icicle

moorie caavie – blinding snowstorm

sheebone – snowdrift

shockle – lump of ice; icicle

skalva – clinging snow falling in large damp flakes

skith – thin layer of snow

smored – smothered in snow

snaw grimet – color of the ground when lying snow is partly melted (snow-grimed)

snitter – to snow

stivven – become filled with blown or drifted snow

tankle – icicle

windle – snowdrift